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Medical marijuana has already been successfully legalized in 23 US states and Washington DC. Why? Because there is substantial scientific proof that weed is actually good for you. In fact, some researchers claim marijuana to be a natural panacea to a large number of diseases.
Here are some known benefits of cannabis:
1) chronic pain relief;
2) muscle spasm reduction;
3) glaucoma treatment;
4) epileptic seizures control;
5) cancer treatment;
6) anxiety and stress management;
7) inflammation reduction;
8) arthritis discomfort relief;
9) obesity treatment;
10) tremor soothing;
11) nightmares management;
12) appetite stimulation;
13) nausea relief;
14) opioids withdrawal treatment.

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What is cannabis?
Why do we use cannabis?
What happens when we use cannabis?
When is using cannabis a problem?
How to make healthier choices about cannabis
Is cannabis legal?
What to do if you or someone you know wants to explore change
Cannabis is the scientific name for the hemp plant. Its leaves and flowers—often called marijuana—contain a psychoactive (mind altering) resin that can affect how we feel, think and act. It comes in various forms, including dried leaves and flowers or ‘buds’ (marijuana), pressed resin from flowers and leaves (hashish or hash), and concentrated resin extracted with a solvent (hash oil).

While often smoked in a joint or through a pipe or bong (water pipe), cannabis can also be vaporized into a mist. Some people bake or make tea with it, while others turn it into a tincture, a concentrated liquid absorbed by placing a drop under the tongue.

Why do we use cannabis?

Humans have been using cannabis for a range of reasons since ancient times. Some people have used it when socializing to help them relax and connect with friends. Others have used it for spiritual reasons or simply to experience an altered form of consciousness. And still others have used it to soothe anxiety, or manage medical conditions. Cannabis has many benefits but, like any drug, there are risks to using it.

Smoking a joint with a friend on a Friday night is one way to relax at the end of a busy work week. But sitting around for hours smoking joint after joint can create a dull atmosphere and make conversation meaningless. It can also increase the risk of making bad decisions, such as driving before the effects have completely worn off. And while cannabis may help to relieve stress or anxiety, continuing to use it as a coping strategy may harm our health and relationships.

What happens when we use cannabis?

When cannabis is inhaled, chemicals called cannabinoids are absorbed through the lungs and into the bloodstream, producing almost immediate effects. When swallowed, cannabinoids are absorbed through the stomach and intestine. This process takes longer, making it more difficult for the user to carefully manage the dose.

The effects of cannabis can be very different for different people. One person may feel relaxed, another full of energy, and another anxious. Sometimes the same person will have a different experience on a different occasion. A lot depends on the type and amount of cannabis we use at a given time. But other factors that affect us include our

past experiences with cannabis,
present mood and surroundings, and
mental and physical health condition.

There are more than 60 types of cannabinoids, but best known for its psychoactive properties is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

Health effects

Cannabis can be both beneficial and harmful to our health. For instance, research shows cannabis can help relieve the symptoms of some medical conditions such as pain, nausea and muscle spasms. But heavy use is associated with a variety of harms including experiencing psychotic symptoms.

Many people who use cannabis socially say it helps them relax and increases their sense of well-being. But some people may feel anxious after using cannabis, affecting their interactions with others. And for a few hours after smoking a joint, a person may have a hard time remembering things, which may have an impact on friendships.

Over time, smoking a lot of cannabis can irritate the respiratory tract, increasing risk of chronic coughing, shortness of breath and wheezing. Like tobacco smoke, cannabis smoke contains cancer-causing toxins, though the risk of developing some cancers is less for cannabis users, partly because they tend to smoke less than tobacco users.

In the second three months of 2018, of Canadians aged 15 and older

17% of British Columbians consumed cannabis

14% of cannabis users with a valid driver’s license drove within 2 hours of using

5% were a passenger in a vehicle driven by someone who consumed cannabis within two hours of driving

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